Maine Homeowners: Book Your Chimney Service

Do you want to experience peace of mind and confidence when lighting fires in your fireplace?

If you aren’t sure what exactly is going on with your chimney and all of the components that make it up, then it may feel a bit daunting every time you get those logs burning. Take these 2 steps to be confident in your fireplace this fall. 

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Book an Inspection

The first is to schedule annual inspections. This is easy, and there’s really no better way to guarantee the safety of your home and family throughout the burning season. One of the biggest things we look for during an inspection is creosote build-up, and if your levels are concerning, we will suggest having this substance removed.

Additionally, if we see any issues that need repaired, we can get you on our schedule.

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Book an Chimney Sweep

If you have creosote build-up, then you will need a chimney sweep. In fact, you should have a chimney sweep every year to ensure that your appliance is working safely and efficiently.

So, what can you expect once you hire our team to sweep your chimney? Because we stay educated and up-to-date on all of our certifications, we know all there is to know when it comes to keeping your system free of creosote. We use specialized brushes and vacuums that guarantee nothing is missed and that no mess is left behind.

Get Started

Let’s work together to get your chimney system where it needs to be. Call 207-302-0018 to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable team members or request an appointment online today.

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