What is a Multi Flue Chimney Cap?

Multi-flue chimney caps are designed to work with single or multiple flues in the same chimney structure. They sit at the top of your flue and close off your chimney’s opening.

They serve an important role in keeping your chimney working efficiently and your home safe. Closing off the top of your chimney keeps out water, debris, animals, and other unwanted entrants that could wreak havoc on your home and chimney. 

Had such a positive experience with this company. Peter was the gentlemen who serviced my Chimney and he was very respectful and thoughtful. Kept my house clean and was very professional. Respected Covid protocols and my space. Highly recommend. 6 Stars
KC, local homeowner

We’ve Been Serving Southern Maine With Reliability & Respect Since 2005

The one thing customers quickly figure out about Brickliners Custom Masonry & Chimney Services is that we always come into a job ready and eager to help. We strive to not only meet expectations, but exceed them, and this is something we have been doing since we got our start back in 2005.


What Else Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors?

  • We are licensed and insured, allowing you that extra reassurance you’re looking for in a chimney company.
  • We are prompt, reliable, and easy to work with, so you can feel good about inviting our team into your home.
  • We’re mess-free. No ash or dirty footprints will be left behind after our job is complete!
  • Our team training and education is unmatched. Each team member undergoes extensive training, so you can feel good about any of our team members showing up for the job.
  • We put customer safety above everything else. In this industry, caring about the homeowner and being informed about the dangers of a dirty or neglected fireplace is a must. You won’t have to worry about chimney-related dangers when we’re on the job!
  • We use the highest-quality products available from brands like HeatShield and New England Chimney Supply to ensure you only get the best of the best.

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