The Winter Checklist For Homeowners

The Maine winters are beautiful, long, and often very harsh. Your fireplace is an integral part of your Maine home for not only ambiance, but additional warmth as well. Make sure you and your fireplace are ready for the winter ahead. 

Buy and burn only properly seasoned firewood. Avoid excessive smoke, harmful airborne chemicals, and chimney problems by burning only seasoned firewood. Unseasoned firewood and other products like wrapping paper can produce more smoke and release harmful chemicals into your home.

Check that smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Inviting fire into the home always involves increase risks, so make sure you’re prepared if anything should happen with working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Clear the area of flammables. Heat transfer can cause nearby items or furniture to catch fire. Clear a small space so you can feel confident that your fires will remain contained.

Go over fire safety with your family. Discuss what to do in case of fire such as exit strategies and meeting locations. You should also go over the best fire safety practices with your family.

Invest in annual chimney maintenance if you haven’t already. Make sure your fireplace and chimney are ready for winter by scheduling your chimney inspection and cleaning. Yearly maintenance can prevent damages from worsening and gives you peace of mind that your fireplace will be working efficiently and safely. Hire certified professionals to ensure a stronger structure and proper work.

Enjoy the winter once you’re prepared! Spring will be here before you know it (we hope!)