Worried About Chimney Fires Threatening Your Gorham Home? Brickliners Custom Masonry & Chimney Services Is Able to Offer Unmatched Preventive Care to Keep You Safer

There’s no reason to stress about the state of your fireplace when our experienced team is here for you. We travel to Gorham, Mosher Corner, South Gorham, Babb Corner, North Scarborough, Westbrook, Little Falls, Groveville, South Windham, Gag Corner, South Buxton, Raymond, Sebago, and many more towns and cities throughout Southern Maine. Call us in for an inspection today!

Have you noticed some gaps or cracks in your chimney masonry? If so, you may be concerned about the health and safety of your system — and you are right to be worried! Damaged masonry can lead to lots of bigger problems, most of which are quite threatening to your Gorham home.

Carbon monoxide exposure, smoke exposure, house fires, and water leaks are just a few of the many problems you may experience if your crumbling brickwork goes unacknowledged. If damages are overtaking your system, it’s time to call on a team of licensed, certified, and insured experts… like us!

All too often, we hear of homeowners just having “one last fire” before calling in a sweep to look things over. But those final flames could be what finally put your system over the edge.

Don’t risk it!

Carbon monoxide is known for being very deadly and nearly impossible to detect. And if flames reach your home’s woodwork, they can spread quite quickly. No matter which scenario you find yourself in, the well-being of those closest to you will be at stake.

Deteriorating masonry chimneys are also at greater risk of collapse, which can be damaging to your home and result in serious injuries for those inside the home.

Play it safe by relying on our sweeps to tackle all of your masonry-related repairs. We can perform a thorough inspection to assess where your chimney system stands, then ensure any and all of your issues are resolved.

Come burning season, you’ll be able to use your system with ease and peace of mind.

Our Service List

Inspections and masonry repairs are just a couple of the services we offer. We’re here to make maintenance simple and stress-free by offering preventive and restorative services that cover your chimney and fireplace from top to bottom. Our services include the following:

Chimney & Fireplace Services

Chimney Repairs

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We’re happy to help our neighbors all throughout Gorham. So if you live in Buxton, the Village of Halidon, Newhall, Cumberland Mills, White Rock, Buxton Center, or somewhere else nearby, cross chimney care off of your to-do list by calling 207-302-0018 or clicking here — and letting us take care of everything for you.


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