Everything You Need to Know About HeatShield®​ Liner Resurfacing & Relining

A full chimney relining job can take an enormous toll on a household. No time or expense should be spared, and the stress of all that can be enormously wearing. Naturally, we do our best to make every job go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible for you, but there’s no doubt that relining work is always going to be a big task to take on.

Fortunately for those with a clay or tile liner, there may be an easier (and just as effective) solution — HeatShield®.

There are two routes we can take when using HeatShield® — HeatShiel ® Joint Repair or HeatShield® Resurfacing System. Both are extremely effective, but the one you go with is based largely on the extent of damage throughout your system.

Heatshield Flue Sealant - inside graphic of chimney-missing mortar between flue tiles gaps can also be repaired

HeatShield® Joint Repair

Heatshield graphic resurfacing cracks and missing mortar between flue tiles

HeatShield® Resurfacing System

HeatShield®​ Joint Repair

HeatShield® Joint Repair is best used on jobs where the mortar joints in the tile-lined chimney are just starting to crumble and things simply need a good smoothing out. Essentially, we’ll fill all the gaps, holes, and crevices that are forming throughout your interior structure, leaving you with smooth, streamlined results that increase efficiency and offer that long-lasting layer of protection you need.

If you don’t have extensive damage and need something done to ensure what little damage you have doesn’t get worse, then this is likely the right path for you.

HeatShield® Resurfacing System

If repairs won’t cut it and an entire resurfacing job is in order, then this is where the HeatShield® Resurfacing System comes into play. We’ll remove all of the dust and debris from your system, prime it, then apply a layer of HeatShield® to the entire surface — that’s a full quarter inch of defense against heat transfer!

How is this process completed exactly?

Well, first we custom-make a foam applicator plug, which is placed in the bottom of your chimney. Then we pull the plug up, applying a specialized material as we do so. (This is the stuff that clears away all that dust, dirt, and debris, while priming your flue at the same time.)

After that, we use the same method to apply the thick layer of HeatShield® Cerfractory Flue Sealant. Once the process is complete, all that’s left to do is send a camera through to show you the final results! This guarantees you are happy with the end product, and it ensures we didn’t miss a thing. Your satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Leading Chimney Safety Groups Agree: a Damaged Chimney Liner is Nothing to Ignore

The CSIA makes it pretty clear that a faulty liner can lead to some big issues in your household, including house fires, gas leaks, smoke exposure, and more. A chimney without a liner should never be put to use, and doing so will put the health of your household at serious risk, while shortening the potential lifespan of your chimney structure at the same time.

The NFPA also emphasizes the need for a well-functioning liner by stating that any liner that shows signs of deterioration, water damage, and the like should be replaced, removed, repaired, or relined. These standards are similar to those of other organizations in the industry, and if you ask any certified sweep his or her opinion on the matter, we can guarantee they will share similar thoughts.

Simply put, a system with a poorly installed, missing, or damaged liner cannot function safely or efficiently, and it should not be used until proper repairs or replacement parts are provided. So if you have chimney liner damage, be sure to have to it taken care of by an experienced professional ASAP.

HeatShield® Is a Name You Can Trust

The best sweeps throughout the country use and promote HeatShield®. It has a reputation for providing the long-lasting, effective results we know our customers deserve. HeatShield® was introduced well over 20 years ago, and the system is tested to meet and exceed all necessary regulations and requirements. There’s simply no better product for this type of job!

Are you sold? Then it’s time to move forward. Our team would be happy to get an appointment on the books and answer any questions you may have. Simply pick up the phone and call 207-302-0018 or request an appointment online today.


When it comes to chimney lining, you can trust us for all your chimney repairs.