Thinking of Selling Your Sebago Home? Make Fireplace & Chimney Maintenance a Priority

Don’t let unsightly fireplace stains and chimney deterioration threaten the sale of your Sebago home. We’re here to serve Shaw Mills, Standish, Dog Corner, Richville, White Rock, Harmon Beach, Elmwood, Two Trails, Gag Corner, Dow Corner, North Gorham, Chicopee, Newhall, and everywhere else in the area with personalized care that’s sure to exceed expectations and keep your home value high!

The value of a home is determined by a lot of things, but does the presence of a fireplace impact it at all? You bet!

A well-functioning and regularly maintained fireplace and chimney can have a big influence on how quickly your house sells if you ever put it on the market. As it turns out, many home buyers claim they are willing to pay more for a home if their dream fireplace is already in it.

On the flip side, a fireplace that is rarely cleaned, or is damaged and showing serious signs of neglect can actually make the selling process more difficult. It can be a big challenge finding buyers who are willing to invest hundreds (or possibly thousands) of dollars into a fireplace when they’re already making a huge investment by buying a new property. Trust us — it’s a big red flag, and it’s going to make it a lot more difficult to get your house finally sold.

If you are looking to sell and your chimney needs a lot of work, it’s probably best to invest in repairs and maintenance before putting your home on the market. Then, you can increase the price tag and buyers will be a lot more interested, which makes the entire process a lot easier on everyone involved.

Preventive Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Not looking to sell anytime soon? That doesn’t mean you can put those yearly inspections and regular sweepings on the back burner! The more you invest in preventive services, the better off your system will be in the long run. Whether you end up selling 10 years from now or you stay in this home for the long haul, preventive maintenance is one thing you’ll be happy you didn’t skip.

What Preventive Services Do We Offer?

We offer a whole host of chimney and fireplace preventive care and maintenance services. In terms of preventive care, the most important service is an inspection. Inspections reveal what, if any, problem areas you have so damage can be addressed. By identifying and tackling these issues early on, you avoid some big (and costly) hassles down the line.

Other services we recommend for keeping your chimney and fireplace in tip-top shape year after year are waterproofing (which seals your brickwork and keeps moisture out), repointing (this restores your mortar), and sweepings (these clear out that harmful, destructive creosote).

Of course, that’s not all we can help you with.

Want to get a full picture of everything we offer? Here’s our complete service list:

Chimney & Fireplace Services

Chimney Repairs

If you live on or near Convene Road, Bridgton Road, Long Hill Road, Oak Street, Keenan Way, Marina Road, NW River Road, Beach Street, Deer Run Road, Dolloff Road, Fitch Road, Clancy Road, Anderson Road, Safe Harbour Road, Rich Way, Shaw Road, Terrace Road, Folly Road, Barnes Road, Douglas Hill Road, Douglas Mountain Road, Spring Ledge Road, or Peabody Pond Road, give our CSIA-certified experts a call to discuss your needs. We’d be happy to schedule a time to look things over and assess the condition of your chimney and fireplace.

Keep Your Chimney & Fireplace Fresh With Brickliners Custom Masonry & Chimney Services

Getting and keeping your fireplace and chimney looking fresh, year after year, doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether you’re over in Great Falls, West Gorham, Little Falls, South Windham, Westbrook, Cumberland, Yarmouth, or somewhere else nearby, we can take care of everything for you — from annual inspections to preventive maintenance and restorative repairs. It’s what we do!

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