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Offering high-quality chimney care and preventive maintenance to the wonderful families in Standish, Elmwood, Shaw Mills, Two Trails, Dow Corner, Sebago Lake, Chicopee, Richville, Kimbles Corner, Higgins Corner, West Gorham, Dog Corner, Falmouth, and the neighboring areas is what we do best. Wherever you are in the area, you can count on us to keep the home fires burning safely and efficiently.

Scheduling chimney maintenance for your Standish area home, but unsure of what to do to prepare for your sweep? Well, there are a few things you can do to help out the sweeps coming to your home. The first thing is to stop using your appliance for a full 24 hours before their arrival. There’s nothing more risky than working with a fireplace that’s still cooling down from a previous fire!

Own a wood-burning unit? Please clear out the ash, so that the sweeps can work as efficiently as possible (and avoid a big mess while doing so).

Finally, give us a 4 – 5 foot clearance around the fireplace. This means moving lamps, furniture, plants, and any other tables, chairs, or knick knacks out of the way, so that we can get right to work. And don’t forget those decorations on your mantle, too!

What else should you do to prepare for your appointment?

While those are the three main things we ask of our customers, you’ll also want to ensure no pets have access to our workspace. As you can imagine, getting our work done quickly and safely can be a bit of a challenge if there’s a friendly dog or a curious cat wanting to lend a hand.

Finally, feel free to ask questions! Our experts are filled to the brim with chimney knowledge, and because we always maintain our certifications with the CSIA, you can bet we are always up to date on the latest techniques, tools, and technologies in our trade.

Combine that with our NCSG membership, and you’ve got a team that is ready and able to answer any and all of your questions! So during your appointment, feel free to stick around, watch us work, and ask for advice on how to keep your system functioning as safely and as efficiently as possible. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re always happy to “talk chimney.”

I Haven’t Scheduled my Annual Service Yet — What’s the Best Time of Year for Appointments?

Live in the Standish area but haven’t yet scheduled your annual chimney and fireplace maintenance? Keep in mind that the best time to schedule is early in the year.

Fall is a crazy time for us, and our schedule always fills up pretty quickly when temperatures finally cool down. So try to get your inspection in during the spring and summer months, rather than putting it off until just before burn season.

This gives us ample time to address any flue blockages or creosote build-up, and tune up your fireplace system so it’s ready when you are. Plus, if we discover damages, you’ll be happy to get any necessary repairs completed long before you need to use your fireplace.

Comprehensive Chimney & Fireplace Care Is Just Around the Corner

We want to make sure our neighbors on Northeast Road, Richville Road, Boundary Road, Harmons Hill Road, Mosley Road, Littlefield Road, Smith Mill Road, Moody Road, Harmony Drive, Fox Run Road, Emma Lane, Elenwood Road, Middle Road, Oak Hill Road, Dolloff Road, Pine Drive, Park Avenue, Pioneer Lane, Mason Lane, Pond Road, Boulder Drive, Shannons Way, Elm Street, Cedar Drive, and all throughout the Standish area have everything they need to safely enjoy their fireplaces. That’s why we offer these comprehensive chimney and fireplace services and repairs year-round:

Chimney & Fireplace Services

Chimney Repairs

If you live in White Rock, Bonny Eagle, Harmon Beach, Gag Corner, Groveville, East Limington, Sebago, or a town or city nearby, and are looking for professional support from a team you can trust, reach out to our crew today. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, call on Brickliners at 207-302-0018 or reach out online. Our family is here for yours!


You are likely to see a friendly crew from Brickliners in the Sebago part of our service area, keeping chimney systems safe to operate for another burn season.