Don’t Take Any Chances With a Deteriorating or Cracked Chimney Liner… Our Experts Offer Fast, Effective Solutions

Chimney liners come in multiple shapes, sizes, and materials, and finding the right fit for your needs and wishes isn’t always the most straightforward process. Sometimes, an entirely new liner is needed, while other times the issue can be addressed with repair work completed by a certified pro. What you need will depend on your unique situation, so call on experts right away if you think your chimney liner may be damaged.

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What Risks Do I Face if My Liner Is Damaged or Missing?

The CSIA highlights three main functions of your chimney liner:

  • protecting your adjacent woodwork
  • protecting your masonry
  • and optimizing efficiency

Without a structurally sound, airtight liner in place, you invite serious threats to your home. And if you operate your fireplace before seeking repair or replacement options, you will be putting a lot at risk by doing so.

Faulty/missing liners invite the following threatening scenarios:

  • House fires: If the only thing standing between the heat of your fireplace and the walls of your home is a slab of masonry from your chimney, then you can bet it won’t be long before nearby wood framing or walls ignite. Tests have shown that this can happen within a matter of hours after a fire is lit, and flames will spread quickly through your home once this process has started.
  • Gas leaks: As we indicated above, your brickwork and mortar simply isn’t designed to withstand heat and flames for extended periods of time, which means it will break down a lot quicker if a well-fitted liner isn’t in place. The fumes your fires produce are very acidic, and they will break down your interior structure very quickly if given the chance. This then opens up clear pathways for carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins to enter your living space.
  • Smoke exposure: If poisonous gas can easily enter your home, you can bet smoke will, too! Inhaling large amounts of smoke is extremely dangerous and detrimental to one’s health. And if you have people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues in your home, then this is especially threatening.
  • Expensive Repair Jobs: Because your chimney structure will break down so significantly without a liner, you can bet a lot of repairs will be in order. Relining can be costly, but if you put it off, you’ll only be forced to pay for it on top of hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair work (that could have been avoided). It’s well worth it to get the job completed now!
  • Lower efficiency levels: While the biggest contribution your liner makes is protection to other parts of the chimney and your home, it also plays a big role in regulating airflow. If your system can’t productively send harmful fumes out and achieve proper draft, you’ll experience a lot of problems when it comes to getting the heat you need from your fireplace.
  • Higher creosote levels: Creosote is one of the biggest things fireplace owners try to avoid, so the last thing you want is a liner that invites more in. If yours wasn’t installed correctly or if damages have left things misplaced, then creosote levels are much more likely to soar (thus increasing your risk of a chimney fire).

If you have a damaged chimney liner and need to have your structure relined, rest easy. Here at Brickliners, we’re proud to reline with the most durable and effective stainless steel liners.

These liners are designed to fit in just about any chimney, and can provide years of service. In fact, they’re so strong that they come with a lifetime warranty — as long as you keep up with routine inspections.

Getting a safer, more efficient chimney is easy with our stainless steel liners.

Am I a Good Candidate for HeatShield®?

Now, an alternative to having an entirely new liner installed is to invest in HeatShield®. If you have a clay or tile liner, you just might be a perfect candidate for this method.

One reason homeowners love HeatShield® is that it’s actually less time-consuming and also far less expensive than having an entirely new liner installed.

Does less expense mean the results won’t last as long? Not at all! In fact, HeatShield® comes with a 20 year warranty, which means you’re guaranteed two full decades of protection with this effective and reputable technique.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Brickliners

Not sure which option is best for your chimney? Simply schedule an inspection and we’ll recommend the best solution for your situation. No matter which relining method you choose, you can’t go wrong when you have the job done by Brickliners. You’ll get the quality service and long-lasting protection you deserve with our experienced pros on the job.

Talk with our CSIA-certified experts about your options today. Brickliners Custom Masonry & Chimney Services is licensed and insured, guaranteeing you the coverage you need every step of the way — and our prompt, professional care is unparalleled throughout the greater Windham area. Reach out now by calling 207-302-0018 or requesting an appointment online. We’re here to help.


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