Don’t Let Chimney Fires & Other Dangers Become a Threat to Your Raymond Home

Creosote is a dangerous substance that could be threatening your home in Raymond, South Casco, Lowells Corner, Suckerville, Frye Island, North Windham, Glantz Corner, Songo Lock, West Gray, Dolley Corner, Falmouth, or Standish. Unfortunately, many don’t discover the problem until it’s too late. Our team is licensed, insured, and certified, and we’d be happy to check things over, ensuring your home stays safer all year long.

Creosote has a strong reputation for being dangerous  — and rightfully so. It’s highly flammable and it can easily cause a flash fire in the chimney. So many homeowners in Raymond and all throughout our service area find themselves wondering just how they can prevent creosote from forming in the first place. The unfortunate truth is… you can’t.

There’s no way to prevent the formation of creosote altogether, but there are ways you can slow down creosote production and keep the most dangerous types of creosote at bay.

Keep the following tips in mind when lighting future fires:

  • Don’t burn artificial logs.
  • Use only dry, well-seasoned wood.
  • Never throw trash or plastic into your fires.
  • Aim for a faster, hotter burn (rather than a slow burn with little heat).
  • Keep your damper open wide for better airflow.
  • Warm the flue before lighting a fire.
  • Schedule annual inspections and sweepings as needed.

What Happens if I’ve Had a Chimney Fire?

Chimney fires lead to significant damage, and can warp your chimney liner, cause your brickwork to crack and crumble, and leave your system unsafe for future use. This means using your fireplace should be avoided altogether, as it will likely result in smoke, flames, and hazardous gases entering your home. If your Raymond home has experienced a chimney fire, you’ll want to invest in professional care as soon as possible to make sure everything is repaired and restored before you use your fireplace again.

Preventive Maintenance Is the Key to a Safer Home

As stated above, there are many ways to slow down creosote accumulation, but the only way to avoid a chimney fire completely is to invest in annual inspections and keep up with sweepings when they’re recommended. By calling in our CSIA– & F.I.R.E-certified experts, you guarantee any issues are spotted and taken care of well before they become disasters.

We specialize in a host of chimney and fireplace services, and we have the tools and training to take care of anything your chimney system needs, including:

Chimney & Fireplace Services

Chimney Repairs

If you need any of the above, join your neighbors on Plains Road, Webbs Mills Road, Meadow Road, Egypt Road, Roosevelt Trail, Brown Avenue, Quaker Ridge Road, Raymond Cape Road, Hancock Road, Crescent Shore Road, Rosewood Drive, Conesca Road, Abby Road, Swans Road, Legacy Road, Spiller Hill Road, Ashley Way, Vista Road, Winding Way, Valley Road, Peppercorn Way, McGrath Drive, Plummer Drive, and all throughout Raymond by giving our sweeps a call.

As a Family-Owned Company, We Take Your Protection Seriously

Some companies out there will do everything they can do to put more money in their own pockets, even at the expense of their customers’ satisfaction and safety. Not us!

There’s a reason people have been relying on us since 2005. We put our customers first and we’re the reliable, easy-to-work-with pros that homeowners in Dry Mills, Crescent Lake, Pike Corner, Gates Hill, North Raymond, Baker Corner, Windham, and the neighboring areas trust, year after year.

If you need an inspection or there’s anything else we can help with, give us a call at 207-302-0018 or reach out online today. We’re happy to help.


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