Crumbling Mortar Hurts Your Chimney’s Aesthetic & Structural Soundness, But Repointing Services Can Help

Do you pull up to your home everyday and find yourself discouraged by your ever-crumbling masonry? A deteriorating chimney can affect the aesthetic appeal of even the most well cared for homes, and the longer you wait to address this issue, the lower the value of your property will go. Not to mention, broken down bricks and mortar can cause some serious threats to your system’s structural integrity.

In the end, if you want your chimney to function well (and look good while doing so), then repointing services may be just what you need.

Tech with safety gear tuckpointing chimney with cap, trees in background.
Tech repointing chimney smiling and has on safety gear ladder and scaffolding
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Repointing and  Masonry - Brickliners Maine
Tech with safety gear repointing tall chimney on a ladder-the chimney has a chimney cap and there is another ladder on the other side of chimney

What Is Repointing?

Now, when we offer repointing services to our customers, one of the more common questions we get right off the bat is… What is it? Repointing consists of removing that old damaged mortar from your system with specialized tools, then filling in these gaps with new mortar that both improves the look of the structure and guarantees structural soundness.

If your masonry is worn down and developing holes and cracks, then water will wick in and continue to cause even more damage to the structure. Along with this, you’ll be more at risk for a settlement or collapse, and overall, the safety and functionality of the system will suffer.

Make the call to our CSIA-certified team today. We have the tools, training, and experience to get this job completed in a timely manner, and we guarantee your end result will end up better than you could have ever expected.

Can I Do it Myself?

Another question we often get is, “Can’t I just caulk it myself?” Now, this is a route that many feel is a simpler and more affordable solution (and we get that the process seems pretty straightforward), but it is something we couldn’t be more against.

Many assume they can get the job done with a little elbow grease, caulk, and know-how, but attempting this shortcut will actually cost you more in the long run. These store-bought products simply aren’t built to last like ours are, and the end results won’t look nearly as seamless or streamlined. It’ll look…well, like you did it yourself.

What makes our end results look so much better? Well, first of all, we’ve been working on chimneys since 2005, so we have years of experience to back all of the skills we perform.

Second, we actually take the time to match the new mortar we apply to the old mortar that’s already in your structure. This means the color scheme won’t look slapped together, and by the end of it, your chimney should look close to what it did when it was first built!

And finding the right colors is no easy process either. Many of the homes we work on were built decades ago, which means the exact mortar that was used won’t be around today. This means mixing and matching until we get it just right, which can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, our reliable sweeps are more than willing to put this time into every repointing job they take on.

Finally, doing this job yourself can lead to a lot of structural issues. If the new mortar doesn’t match with the old in terms of texture and durability, your chimney won’t have the adequate support it needs, and your masonry will continue to break down.

In the end, you’ll need to pay for extensive repair work, you’ll wind up needing professional repointing services anyway, and you’ll have thrown money and time down the drain on caulk that now needs to be removed.

It’s not worth it. Especially when you having it done right the first time is so easy and affordable. Count on our experts from the start, so your chimney will look great and stand strong for decades. Call 207-302-0018 or request an appointment online today.


Worried you might need some kind of chimney repair? A service call from our friendly crews here at Brickliners can tell you if your chimney needs lining or relining or some other essential service.