Our CSIA-Certified Sweeps Are Ready & Qualified to Help With all of Your Chimney & Fireplace Services

When hiring a sweep, looking for certifications is an important step that every homeowner should take. Certifications indicate that the team you hire is highly dedicated to staying educated and on top of it all, and it also shows that they believe their customers are worth the extra time and expense required to keep their qualifications up to date.

Lucky for folks throughout Windham and the rest of our service area, the Brickliners Custom Masonry & Chimney Services team is CSIA-certified, and we pride ourselves on maintaining this credential year after year. That means we’re always qualified and ready to tackle your regular chimney maintenance, which includes both chimney sweepings and chimney inspections.

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Brickliners tech tuckpointing chimney, he is wear his safety gear

Yearly In-Depth Inspections Are Essential for Good Fireplace Health

A well-run fireplace keeps your family safer and happier, and it helps maintain the value of your home, too. (In fact, it’s been shown that many are willing to pay more for a home with a well-maintained fireplace already installed.)

By hiring a qualified sweep to inspect your fireplace and chimney on an annual basis, you help ensure it doesn’t fall prey to things like chimney fires, severe masonry damage, water-related issues, and more.

What happens if cracks, holes, deterioration, and the like are simply ignored?

Well, they will only continue to worsen, causing your fireplace to function far less efficiently. This means less heat, higher bills, and a lot more stress on your part.

A lot can happen in a year, from blockages to crumbling masonry to missing chimney parts and more, and many of these issues go unnoticed, which can put your home at serious risk.

We suggest getting a team to look things over well before the start of the burning season, so you don’t risk smoke, flames, and poisonous gases entering your home when you light up a fire in the fireplace.

But we’re not the only ones who recommend an annual chimney inspection. It’s recommended by the CSIA and the NFPA as well — two of the industry’s leading safety organizations. So don’t let an annual inspection slip your mind!

Our certified pros will provide a thorough overview of your chimney system and make sure everything is in great working order. That way, you don’t have to worry.

Did Your Inspection Reveal the Need for a Sweeping? We’ve Got You Covered

If an inspection revealed blockages, build-up, and/or large amounts of creosote deposits, your sweep will likely suggest a sweeping. A chimney sweeping consists of getting out any obstructions, as well as removing flammable creosote deposits. Because creosote is so well-known for causing chimney fires, this is essential.

Chimney fires are not something to take lightly. They cause flames to climb through your structure, exposing your brickwork and mortar to intense levels of heat and causing damage that is unlike anything else. Your masonry is simply not designed to withstand direct contact with flames, and when an event of this nature occurs, using your fireplace is simply out of the question.

What’s even more concerning about chimney fires? Their typically quiet nature. Sometimes they produce loud, obvious events, but more often than not, they occur without anyone even realizing it. This means that your chimney could be severely damaged and dangerous, and you might not even know it!

All too often, this is how a house fire winds up occurring. An unsuspecting homeowner lights their fireplace, not knowing their structure has been severely compromised. Flames and heat quickly find their way to adjacent woodwork, causing fire to spread quickly throughout the home.

But the threat of a house fire doesn’t have to be on your mind every time you light a fire in the fireplace. Annual inspections and sweepings can prevent this threat, so you can rest easy.

Peace of Mind With One Simple Step

Fortunately, there is one easy way for you to gain the peace and comfort we believe all of our customers deserve when they sit down to relax by the fireplace. Simply pick up your phone and give Brickliners a call.

We’ll schedule an inspection, and if any further services are required, we’ll tackle those as well. Don’t let fear and worry ruin your winter and holiday season. Fireplaces are meant to be enjoyed, so get what you desire from yours by calling 207-302-0018 or requesting an appointment online. We’re here for you.


If you think you might need a chimney repair, don’t delay…call Brickliners of Maine for professional service and reliable results every time.