Preventive Maintenance Saves You Time, Money & Hassle

Let’s say you’re given two possible scenarios: 1) Spend a small amount of time and expense to avoid damages or 2) Spend lots of time and money on major repair jobs.

What seems like the better route?

We’re guessing the former seems more appealing, but that doesn’t stop countless homeowners from putting off preventive maintenance every single year. Many simply don’t find it worthwhile to spend the money on things like waterproofing, inspections, and, more. But unfortunately, this tends to cost them dearly in the long run.

By scheduling annual inspections, regular sweepings and the like, you guarantee yourself stress-free, low-hassle burning seasons every fall and winter. And reputable organizations like the CSIA, F.I.R.E., and NCSG, agree.

Investing in preventive care is the best way to keep your system functioning efficiently and safely for years on end, and here at Brickliners Custom Masonry & Chimney Services, we have the training and qualifications to assist our customers with it all.

Putting More Money in Your Pocket

So, how exactly does preventive maintenance ensure more money stays in your pocket every year? It’s simple really. The longer damage is left unrepaired, the more expensive repairs will be.  A small leak that’s just started takes a lot less time and materials to repair, for example, than reconstructing a whole crown does. And if water gets to your liner and starts wreaking havoc, then you’re looking at a full relining job — which will really put a dent in your bank account!

Along with this, damage in one area of the chimney can quickly spread to other parts of the system if something isn’t done to prevent this. All in all, preventing damage from occurring in the first place or repairing it early on is always cheaper than hiring for repair work after the damage has already been done.

You Deserve the Best Aesthetic & Fireplace Experience Possible

There’s no point in having a fireplace in your home if you can’t enjoy the cozy ambiance it offers. Even if you only use your system a few times per year, we bet that those evenings are often the highlight of the colder months. And they definitely amp up the ambiance of holiday parties and get-togethers! Unfortunately, that added ambiance and enjoyment won’t always be possible if preventive care isn’t a part of your yearly maintenance routine.

If you want to ensure every burning season starts off right, be sure to call us during late spring or early summer to look your system over. This gives us plenty of time to address any concerns or issues, and it guarantees your ability to safely light a fire on that first chilly night of the year.

Trust us — when temperatures really drop, this is one service our customers are always happy to have done and out of the way!

You Deserve a Safer Home

If saving money and maintaining a good aesthetic wasn’t a strong enough argument for preventive care, then consider the well-being of your friends and family. Damage, creosote accumulation, clogs, water-related issues, and the like can all lead to catastrophic and dangerous events — such as chimney fires, chimney collapses, mold accumulation, house fires, gas leaks, smoke exposure, and more.

Many who neglect regular chimney care don’t realize that, by doing so, they’re putting their home and family at risk every single time they light a fire.

Keep Your Chimney in Great Shape, This Year & Every Year — Call Brickliners Today

If you own a fireplace, having annual inspections completed is an important part of keeping everything well-maintained and operating safely, and it helps keep your home value in good standing, too. All it takes is a quick phone call to keep your chimney in great condition and your family safer with every burning season. Call 207-302-0018 or request an appointment online today.


Chimney repairs may sometimes require repointing work and our team is standing by to make sure it gets done right!