Chimney Caps: Offering Affordable, Functional & Versatile Protection for Your Chimney

It’s common knowledge that every chimney needs an opening at the top of it so that smoke and hazardous gases can effectively escape out of your home. But what about those times when you’re not burning a fire? Doesn’t this opening make it easier than ever for water (as well as animals, twigs, leaves, and all kinds of other things) to enter your flue and cause damage?

Well, that’s where the chimney cap — a special covering for your chimney flue — comes into play.

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Chimney caps are affordable, fairly quick to install, and they serve a lot of functions when it comes to keeping your system as safe as possible. That being said, the role they’re most famous for is keeping notoriously damaging water out of your chimney. Here’s why that’s important…

Chimney Caps & Your Chimney Liner

Without a chimney cap in place, your chimney liner becomes extremely vulnerable to water damage from rain, snow, and sleet. Because your liner plays such a big role in protecting both your masonry chimney and your home, doing everything possible to keep it in good shape is a must. Not to mention, replacing a damaged liner can be a costly and time-consuming investment. So avoiding a reline at all costs is really the best case scenario.

Chimney caps are the biggest source of protection for your liner because they offer the first line of defense against inclement weather. They cover the entire flue opening, so that nothing that shouldn’t be in there gets in.

To further emphasize how important your cap is to your liner, keep in mind that the Underwriters Laboratories will not list a liner as meeting their standards unless there is a sturdy, well-fitted cap in place to protect it. These simple coverings really have a big impact on your system!

What Else Does My Chimney Cap Offer?

Surely chimney caps do more than just block out water, right? You bet.

Another big task they take on is keeping out animals. Squirrels, birds, raccoons, and other curious woodland creatures often turn to open chimneys as a safe place to hunker down, rest, and possibly even have babies. The four strong walls of your system keep them safe from both bad weather and potential predators, so it’s really the best case scenario for them.

Chimney Caps keep rain, raccoons and other little critters out of your chimney as well as containing sparks that could escape

Unfortunately for you, this set-up is less than ideal.

We’re guessing you don’t want to risk wild animals entering your home. Plus, some make loud, annoying noises (this especially goes for birds) that can make your living space less than enjoyable to be in.

On top of all that, their feces can cause damage and produce foul odors. And should one of them not be able to get out of your chimney, you’ll have a whole new mess on your hands.

An easy fix to this potential threat is to slap a cap on your flue, keeping any unwanted visitors out for good. This also means you won’t have to worry about nesting materials getting left behind and causing clogs or flash fires.

And speaking of clogs, chimney caps also prevent debris from blowing into your system on those especially windy days. All kinds of things could wind up in your chimney if winds are strong enough, and these obstructions can produce some serious risks — especially when it comes to draft and airflow.

Finally, chimney caps stop harmful drafts from swooping down your chimney, and prevent stray sparks from flying up it (and onto your flammable roofing materials), as well.

Don’t Wait — Invest in a Sturdy, Strong Cap so You Can Stop Worrying About Leaks & Critters

Like we said, the list of benefits a cap can offer your system makes investing in a solid, sturdy, long-lasting one well worthwhile. Make sure every burning season moving forward is as successful, safe, and stress-free as possible by having our team install your new cap today.

Call 207-302-0018 or click here to request an appointment today. We’re happy to help, whether you’re in Windham or somewhere else in the area. It’s what we do!


If a leaky chimney is your problem, then waterproofing or a water repellent may be your solution!