Boost Your Peace of Mind During Burning Season by Investing In a Chimney Sweeping

Do you want to experience peace of mind and confidence when lighting fires in your fireplace?

If you aren’t sure what exactly is going on with your chimney and all of the components that make it up, then it may feel a bit daunting every time you get those logs burning. We’d love to tell you to rest easy and simply enjoy that crackling fire, but that’s just not something we can do until we get a good look at your chimney.

One of the biggest things we look for during an inspection is creosote build-up, and if your levels are concerning, we will suggest having this substance removed. Get the inside scoop on creosote below, and if you are needing to have yours cleared out, don’t wait any longer to give us a call. The sooner it’s gone, the better off you’ll be!

Are There Different Types of Creosote? What’s the Danger?

Creosote is known for presenting itself in a few different forms, and typically the longer you wait to schedule your sweeping, the harder it becomes to remove.

The first type is flakier and lighter weight, and this is the stuff that is easiest for sweeps to effectively get out. If you invest in annual inspections, always operate your system appropriately, and schedule repairs and sweepings promptly and on a regular basis, then this is likely all you’ll experience in terms of build-up.

If too much time passes and your creosote is given the opportunity to build up and really adhere to your interior chimney walls, then it becomes stickier and textured more like tar. As you can imagine, this is much harder to remove, and it requires more work and specialized products on our end.

Then, there’s glazed creosote. This hard, glossy substance cannot be removed with basic equipment. It requires the use of specific products and chemicals, and it is extremely flammable.

The scary issue with glazed creosote is that, should it ignite, it will burn much hotter than most fires, and it will be much more difficult to extinguish. Flames will be more likely to spread to the roof and other parts of your home, and your chimney could even face an explosion.

Needless to say, creosote in any form is something to be wary of, and getting it out sooner, rather than later, is always the safest and most cost-effective route.

What Causes Creosote to Form?

Many homeowners wonder if there is anything they can do to slow the rate at which creosote forms. There are a number of things you can implement into your fireplace routine to avoid build-up.

The first is to schedule annual inspections. This is an easy and surefire way to know how much creosote buildup you have, and there’s really no better way to guarantee the safety of your home and family throughout the burning season.

Other tips include:

  • Burning dry, well seasoned wood. This means no trash, plastic, or other debris should be tossed into the flames, and any logs you burn should be left to dry out for at least six months. If they sound hollow, are lightweight, and have dark, split ends, you should be good to go!
  • Make sure your damper is letting in plenty of oxygen. Better airflow results in more productive fires, and it keeps harmful pollutants moving out and away from your chimney, thus minimizing the risk of build-up.
  • Keep your fires hot. Cooler, smokier fires are notorious for creosote accumulation, and they typically wind up causing a lot more creosote to form. An open damper, along with burning only dry wood, will help immensely with this. And it’s always a good idea to warm your flue with a rolled up newspaper before you light a fire in the fireplace.
  • Never burn artificial logs. These are known for producing harmful fumes that cause more harm than good.

What to Expect From Our Team During a Sweeping

So, what can you expect once you hire our team to sweep your chimney? Because we stay educated and up to date on all of our certifications, we know all there is to know when it comes to keeping your system free of creosote. We use specialized brushes and vacuums that guarantee nothing is missed and no mess is left behind.

We’ll always be using the latest techniques and the most modern equipment we can get our hands on, so that you are guaranteed the best results, no matter what. On top of all that, you can expect our crew members to be polite, professional, and prompt. We’re known throughout the area for being easy to work with and dependable, making this entire process low-hassle and free of any unnecessary stress for you and your family.

Let’s work together to get your chimney system where it needs to be. Call 207-302-0018 to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable team members or request an appointment online today.


Regular chimney inspections can alert you to any problems with your chimney system. Talk to one of our chimney and fireplace services experts today.

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